Seasons of Change and Challenge

by | Dec 30, 2021

Is it just me? Despite the world beginning to open back up a bit after Covid, and let’s face it — another challenging year — as we inch back to some sense of normalcy, this Christmas season has been challenging. Such a whirlwind of busyness and catching up that it has been difficult to quiet my heart and focus on the holiness or even the excitement of the season. Sometimes I’m far more like Auntie Mame (if you’re into old musicals) singing, “we need a little Christmas— right this very minute!” Which strikes me somewhat like the old joke about praying, ‘Lord, give me patience NOW!’

It’s times like these that my personal rhythms and routines take on more importance, to either keep me grounded or bring me back to feeling centered. A quiet time each morning is a large part of that. And one of the helpful devotions that usher in and carry me to the true, authentic Christmas season is Sweet Samples from Scripture by Pastor Walter Cross. 

In his wise, wonderful way, he takes us back to what the real first Christmas was like. Not the sanitized, commercialized Hollywood version, but the real-life of it as it happened. In doing so, he reminds us that the busyness and confusion, and challenges of our lives are nothing new. God is still in control and has something extraordinary in store for us if we stop for a moment and focus on His presence. This treasured collection of spiritual nourishment for the soul is full of masterful storytelling and sound doctrine that looks squarely at life and finds God here with us. 

Thank you, Pastor Cross, for your beautiful reminders of the great God we serve, who loves us so profoundly. You can pick up a copy of his book, Sweet Samples from Scripture, at any bookstore or online at the Vision Run Publishing bookstore. I suggest you keep a journal nearby as you read and pray through this compendium of wisdom.

And as always, keep writing. 

Pastor Cross also has a Youtube Channel where he posts weekly devotions! Please feel free to subscribe to his channel with this link!