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Many people think about writing a book, until they realize it takes time, patience, a good editor, and someone who knows what is required to get a book published. For those with the time and patience, allow me to recommend one Ms. Debbie Patrick of Vision Run Publishing. Not only is she an extremely skilled and experienced editor, she is savvy when it comes to knowing what appeals to the general reading public, whether it is fiction or non-fiction. She will challenge you to make your ideas clear, and will encourage you by suggesting how to do so. If you want a satisfying experience in writing your book, this is one call you won’t regret making.

Roger Turner

Author, What Makes a Good Father

Thanks to Debbie Patrick at Vision Run Publishing, who helped make this book possible. She has patiently and meticulously crafted and edited the rough draft into my vision of this book. How appropriately her business is called Vision Run Publishing … You do make visions come true!

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To Debbie Patrick at Vision Run Publishing, her experience in publishing and writing helped me get unstuck, and provided a crucial, practical way forward. Associate editor Elisabeth Quayle’s eye for detail was also invaluable.

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What can I say? I wrote the book, but you made it presentable, and even beautiful. We really did this together, didn’t we? I give you thanks for all your hard work and patience, but most of all for your exquisite sense of design and your eye for what was appropriate. Thank you.

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